Thursday, August 07, 2008

China: Humiliation & The Olympics

Interesting (although perhaps an overly simplified) article on why the China government reacts the way it does:

NYTimes Out There (Michael Phelps)

Reading articles on Olympic athletes is always fascinating, but at times it feels like I'm reading a mix of erotica and superhero comic books adapted for sports. Here's the NYTimes article on US swimming phenom, Michael Phelps:
Phelps had other attributes, too, that would help him develop into the rare amphibious creature he would become. His joints were unusually flexible. Lying on his back, he could stretch his legs and point his toes far enough so that they would brush the ground. His shoulders had a similarly outsize range of motion, giving him the potential for great power and fluidity in his strokes. Even his spine proved particularly amenable to balancing in, and slithering through, water. “Michael,” Bowman says, “had everything.”
The full article.

Friday, August 01, 2008

NYTimes The Trolls Among Us

NYTimes article, Trolls Among Us interviews the uber trolls of the internet. Why do these personalities remind me of A Clockwork Orange?