Sunday, July 11, 2010

Children of Men : P.D. James

Children of Men
P.D. James

(Sorry in advance for the rather disturbing book cover image.  Amazon only had that one.)

A bit disappointing.  The large driving premise of this book is the what-if scenario of all men inexplicably become infertile, leading to no children being born and human-kind going on its way to a slow extinction.

That is a massive question with huge implications on how society would react to such an event, economically, religiously, scientifically, and it seemed like James bit off more than she could chew with it.  Despite a large part of the book dedicated to probing some of these effects, her exploration came across as insufficient and done more to establish an "interesting" and semi-fleshed out set-up for the archetypal thriller story.

Strangely, the protagonists' story was flat and under-developed as well, the characters coming across as one-dimensional, with the romance angle seeming particularly out of the blue.

Shrug, I did not see the film, but I cannot imagine it being that much better if the source material was that not well worked out.