Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strip: Thomas Perry

By Thomas Perry

Simply written. Not a fan of the ending, which seemed too rushed, too neatly tied off and forced in certain circumstances (the waitress, who had been a woman with a heart of gold, actually having a malicious streak). But certainly an entertaining popcorn book.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

City & the City

The City and the City
By China Mieville

Imagine if you took a city, cleaved it down the center and made two cities, sitting immediately side-by-side. Furthermore, add to it that it would be illegal for the citizens of city A to interact, touch, look, throw stuff at anything in City B and vice versa. If you so much hucked a loogie over that imaginary boundary line, you would be hauled off by some super-power that would be watching this boundary.

That's the basic assumption of this book and it's a large one that if you don't buy into, like I did not, makes the rest of dependent plot-line (a murder that crosses this boundary), somewhat forced.

The whole idea that a city would develop like this; well, I suppose there have been historical examples: Berlin or countries like this: South and North Korea. But part of the problem is that the historical or political why is never really explained and rather hand-waved as part of the mystery of the murder case.

Shrug, I ended up finishing this, but not without struggling to motivate myself to do so.