Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manazuru : Hiromi Kawakami

By Hiromi Kawakami
Translated by: Michael Emmerich

Intriguing, slightly mind-bending book. Kei, the female protagonist, is struggling to move on, after her beloved husband mysteriously disappeared years ago.

Kawakami fluidly jumps from describing reality to Kei's memories to a space that is not quite clear whether it's supernatural, Kei going on a crazy what-if scenario or her simply losing her sanity. However, it gets at the nature and emotions of love, especially of the feelings of someone left behind.

Simultaneously, Kawakami also explores the relationships between Kei, her daughter and her mother, who live together and who had distinctly different perspectives on Kei's husband.

An intriguing book, that still is rattling around my head a bit now.

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