Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An ode

Dearest Lucille,

This technology is like some sort of magic trick.

To this day, I am still flabberghasted that I can hear your beautiful voice, whilest you are miles and miles away.

Oh, but it is wonderful and I would not trade it for anything else.

In my mind, I sometimes replay certain words and phrases that you say, like "lugubriousness,"  to remind myself of the wonderful sensualness and melodious lilt that I savor in your voice.

If only I had the talents to compose such wonderful compositions as to match how I feel about you, I would be the next Bach or Mozart.

Alas, I do not have the gift and my only reconcilliation is to wait another week, when I can hear your voice once again.

If I may be so bold and please do say if I am being overly forward, may I request that you play Giminiani's concerti grossi in D minor?

With unshakeable respect and admiration for you and 98.1 KRPE,



Get out your best cutting spoon
And your fave gimlet shoes
Cuz we gonna rumba
these sitting ducks wake
and eat them foie gras
no hesitate.

Jimmy Doodles, Mr. Mean
ain't here to besmirch
your good name, we here to
eat your dog,
jack your mom an
collect all them dere battered whites.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flipback book

A super small type of book that uses the thin bible paper has come out in Holland.  Apparently, you can read it one-handed.  Certainly interesting.